Lights! Camera! Action! Time To Show Off Your Restaurant With Video Promotions

Restaurateurs who have yet to embrace video marketing opportunities may want to get in front of the camera soon.

The medium is huge and getting bigger, partly because of the worldwide appreciation for brief, intriguing entertainment view-able by mobile devices. Internet video traffic is expected to quadruple between 2015 and 2020, and 64 percent of marketers expect the medium to dominate their strategies in the near future. Further studies show four times as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

Video marketing is the perfect option for food vendors wishing to show off their techniques, staffers, events and/or menu items. It’s entertaining, easy to digest, can make several points in a short time and it can either go live or be archived for years of future viewing.

Perhaps best of all, video production can often be conducted organically at low cost, thanks to user-friendly tools and myriad production specialists at all levels of the price spectrum. Your finished products can be posted to YouTube for free, then you can easily transfer copies to your website, social media and outgoing emails and texts. These days, almost five billion videos are watched on YouTube daily.  

Whether you’re planning to produce your own video or hiring someone else to do it, the following tips may come in handy:

  • Think about the video content that will best achieve your promotional goals.
    • Techniques used by your chefs
    • The culinary appeal of your food
    • The highlights of your special event
    • Your enthusiastic clientele
    • Your in-house entertainment
    • Your special services
    • Your catering capabilities
  • Decide where to post your video. YouTube is now the primary choice for marketing pieces, but it’s seeing increasing competition from marketers’ own branded websites, from custom video channels and from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Plan out your content. Possibilities include interviews with or testimonials from staffers, vendors or guests; footage of your kitchen staff preparing key dishes; tutorials from staffers offering culinary tips or secrets; footage of your best menu items and the stories behind them; tours of your facilities; reviews of company history and/or all-staff greetings. In a recent survey, companies ranked customer testimonials, product demos and explainer/tutorial videos as the three most effective kinds of business videos.
  • When editing, think of your final content as a story with a theme, characters, action, scenery and a defined beginning and end. And don’t forget the call to action.
  • Note that the most frequently viewed YouTube videos are about four minutes long; 10 should be your maximum.
  • After your video is posted, use YouTube Analytics and Google Analytics to track how customers are responding to your video. Favorable responses will boost its standing on Google’s search listing, bringing it more visibility that boosts marketing exposure even more.

TriMark can help you outfit a kitchen you’ll be proud to show off in any video campaign. Contact us at 508-399-2400.

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