February 2020

Community Kitchens Accelerate Small Businesses

Community kitchens benefit more than just local restaurants, from bottled beverages and sauces to specialty packaged goods, these incubators help grow small businesses.

What’s Trending in the Foodservice World

Foodservice trends in 2020 continues to expound on sustainability, advanced technology and convenience. It's important that your establishment stays on top of the everchanging industry.

Hatco's Anatomy of Snacking [Infographic]

Snacking has long been an integral part of the average consumers’ lifestyle. And, while this is still very much the case, the way people think about snacking is changing. Snacks are no longer just a “little something” to bridge the gap between meals. They are a lifestyle. And as the daily life of consumers continues to pick up speed, new snacking habits and expectations are taking hold — fast.

Incubator Kitchens, the Food Movement & Entrepreneurial Success

Whether you call them shared use, or community kitchens, culinary incubators are commercial spaces certified for food production. Membership based kitchens that help grow small businesses and provide a location for growth.

When the World Met Sally, the Salad Making Robot

Want a fast and convenient healthy meal? The world’s first fresh food robot, Sally, can help. A new innovation from Chowbotics that makes salads faster than a human while also providing a precise number of calories in the full product.