About Vollrath
About Vollrath
The Vollrath Company has a reputation for the design, development and manufacture of the foodservice industry’s finest smallwares and equipment. With a collection of exceptional people, industry leading products, and helpful consultative services, Vollrath is assembled for one purpose – to advance the art of hospitality.


Commercial and Professional Stainless Steel and Aluminum Cookware for Foodservice

Vollrath is a manufacturer of professional stainless steel and aluminum cookware. Vollrath has a wide variety of professional foodservice products including:
  • Kitchen Supplies: French fry / potato cutters, dishers, cutting boards, sauce pans, stock pots, sheet pans, fry pans, induction griddle/grill pans, bread loaf pans, cake pans, induction sauce pots, induction omelet pans, stainless steam table pans, egg/mushroom slicers, carving knives, wok pans, spaghetti strainers, induction wok pans, induction fry pans, roasting pans, tomato slicers, cheese cutters, tongs, fry scoops
  • Bar Supplies: wine flight caddies, straw dispensers, cocktail shakers, condiment dispensers, serving pails, bar spoons, wine bottle openers
  • Buffet Service: chaffing dishes, plate covers, bakery display cases, soup chaffers, tabletop grill/hibachi/stove, stainless steel pitchers, risers, coffee chaffers, metal punch bowls
  • Dinnerware: sizzle platters, ramekins, butter melters, stainless steel coffee/teapots, oyster plate, snail/escargot plates, butter melters, gravy/sauce boats, sherbet dishes, malted cups, cocktail plates
  • Equipment: dish caddies, cold pan salad buffets, electric hot food steam tables, frost top serving counters, char broilers, induction hot food serving counters, counter top induction range, countertop hot food cases, food packing machines, hotplates, drop-in electric food wells, hot/cold drop-ins, sinks, wall mounted hand sinks, frozen drink machines, pan warmers, microwaves, refridgerated merchandisers
  • Flatware: stainless steel utinsels: sppons, forks, knives, steak knives
  • Furniture: sneeze guards, breath guards, signs
  • Glassware: stainless steel tumblers, supreme bowls
  • Table Service: insulated serving bowls, stainless steel creamers, champagn buckers, serving trays, fast food trays, stainless steel dredges, twisted wire cones