New Foodservice Equipment and Supply Showroom Opens in Columbus Ohio

Posted by Melissa Cook


In February of 2021, TriMark’s SS Kemp division began constructing a modern space that invites guests on a visual journey in making their foodservice business goals come to life. Twelve months and nineteen days later, on March 3, 2022, this one-of-a-kind exhibition concept opened in Columbus, Ohio’s historic district. The project called for a labor of love and necessity as foodservice equipment and supply need has increased throughout the industry.

The space showcases vintage bohemian rugs that incorporate hues of the eye-catching brick walls and the neutral tones of the Premier Collection products. This pairs well with the harmonious blend of warm and cool illumination. The ambition is to create an intimate atmosphere that fosters an exclusive shopping experience.

The essence of the shopper’s experience begins at the front door, where Planthropy’s custom living artwork is displayed. As the customer walks through the space, Planthropy’s mission of “reconnecting people with nature by bringing the outdoors in” is exhibited flawlessly and compliments the showroom’s natural charm.

The chic-inspired aesthetic lends itself to the top-tiered collection it displays. The showroom has been expertly designed to allow each element of the space to breathe and speak for itself. As a result, what could be an overwhelming experience becomes simplified and enjoyable. And with a knowledgeable sales team ready to provide, customers can be assured their needs will be met with high-quality service and a top-notch product. As a one-stop-shop for foodservice equipment and supplies, TriMark brings its customers from high and low precisely what they need to succeed, including a luxurious shopping experience.


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