Insights for an Egg-cellent Easter Buffet

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Easter is celebrated by many with breakfast, brunch or an early dinner. Engage in the festivities at your establishment by providing families with a seamless holiday meal catered to all ages. While it may look easy from the outside, there are various moving parts to hosting a buffet from set up to break down and everything in between. Gain insight on how to efficiently organize a holiday display.


Long lines for popular foods is a difficult challenge for busy buffets. Configure the dining room with stations that disperse the main offerings which take longer to cook or serve. Consider speeding up breakfast with a constant replenishment of eggs, French toast, bacon and other choices and keep them warm with Portable Heated Glass Shelves from Hatco. Encourage your guests to toast their own bread by setting up a station with one of the many types of Conveyor Toasters from Hatco, this will enable your staff to better allocate their time in fulfilling other needs such as refilling beverages and chafing dishes.

Transitioning to Brunch

Provide an easy mealtime turnover for your employees by utilizing equipment pieces from the previous function. Repurpose the portable heated shelves to serve brunch favorites such as a savory quiche or perfectly cooked hash browns. Offer a salad and panini bar with a presentation of tasteful salad fixings and unique panini fillings in a Cold Food Well by Hatco allowing diners to customize their meals by serving themselves with fresh ingredients.

Early Dinner

Every family has their own traditions for Easter. You can make dining at your establishment one on their list by providing a full feast at their fingertips. Serve honey-baked ham with a spiced cherry glaze, a succulent turkey and a garlic roasted pork loin easily from Hatco Decorative Carving Stations letting customers pick and choose their preference of meat with seasoned vegetable sides.

Festive Desserts

This holiday calls for bunny-shaped cookies and carrot cake along with other selections like blueberry-lemon pie and pastel cupcakes. When setting up a buffet style dessert, be sure that sweets are sized to serve individually to avoid cutting and slicing by patrons.

Décor & Entertainment

Decorate your venue and food presentation with pastel ornaments and colorful tulips to appeal to the Easter theme. Since this is a special time for family gatherings, there are usually excited kids around. Some fun ideas for children include hosting games and activities such as a bingo, celebratory pictures to color, and most importantly the traditional Easter egg hunt!

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