Power Soak by Unified Brands: Continuous vs. Cabinet Style Washing

Posted by Melanie Trainor Unified Brands Power Soak Intro, Advanced and Unlimited

Power Soak by Unified Brands offers a more efficient and safer way to wash. The units feature a patented Parallel Wash System that generates a high-turbulence wave action that continuously rotates wares for a consistent clean and improved sanitation. The evenly spaced jets along the back wall of the tank forces the water to roll which eliminates pan migration and provides maximum power.

This innovative machine is available in three different models:

Intro  |  Advanced  |  Unlimited

What’s the difference between Continuous Motion & Cabinet Style Warewashing?

Continuous Motion
  • Fully submerges products in reservoir
  • Stationary jets & mobile items
  • Non-fixed cycle durations that are easily adjustable allowing various pieces to be unloaded as needed
  • Number of elements in a load is 4-8 times greater than a typical dishwasher
  • Detergent is largely PH neutral for a healthier environment

Cabinet Style
  • Dishes are racked & sprayed with wash, rinse and sanitizing solutions
  • Components are stagnant while the jets turn on spinning arms through the wares
  • Fixed sequence addresses only soils that can be predictably removed
  • Cleaning liquid used can be higher in PH levels which is potentially hazardous
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