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Many healthcare organizations are expanding their current practices by providing care from independent living through the continuation of each resident’s life. An all-encompassing facility attracts guests and families because they trust their loved ones will be looked after as they age, and they will not need to move to another institution away from friends, staff and routines that they are accustomed to.

Being able to run many types of operations means managing multiple dining establishments that meet the individual needs of those in the community. Each unit of continuing care has varying food trends and menu selections. The ability to support these demands will set you apart from your competition.

Independent Living

Designed to enable seniors to have an active lifestyle and social involvement with their peers, these facilities usually strive to promote a country club feel influencing guests to embrace their independence. They offer casual, high-end restaurants with wine, happy hours, tablecloths and fine china as well as bistros, cafés and grab-and-go options.

Assisted Living

Combines apartment-style housing with organized social events and special services as needed. Eating is focused around a refined family and homelike feel straying away from an institutional impression. Those in assisted living require a little more aid than those in independent housing.

Memory Care

Occupants of this type of facility require more structure and support. Dining in operations such as this one need appropriate utensils, plates with plate guards, and supplies for meal delivery with tray service. A popular practice in memory care facilities is the utilization of red and yellow interactive plates because they entice more focus and engagement with patients.

Physical Rehabilitation

This category of healthcare is where people of all ages may need to temporarily stay to recover after an injury or surgical operation. The eating practices of these residences range from bedside to high-end, so it’s essential to present a variety of food choices.

There are many forms of senior living and dining options that should be offered based on the level of care. TriMark provides supplies for restaurants, bistros and cafés to congregate meal service with a homestyle feel and tray and delivery.

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