Plan Your Menu for High Profit Potential

Posted by Melanie Trainor Plan Your Menu for High Profit Potential

Plan Your Menu for High Profit Potential

Running a successful dining establishment can be complex. All too often the development and preservation of the ambiance, flavors and experience for guests can overshadow the meticulous task of food cost analysis.

A review of the amount of ingredients being used and wasted can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Restaurateurs benefit from creating a menu strategy with a greater return on investment while still offering flavorful and well-portioned food and beverages.

Stay on track when creating a revenue maximizing menu with these helpful tips.

Planning and Tracking

  • Define your budget and develop a set plan for allotting purchases for each area of your business
  • Precisely monitor purchases, payments, sales and keep real-time inventory records
  • Consider what is achievable and sustainable for your operation given your equipment, facility, location, budget and the experience of your staff

Menu Selections

  • Many restaurants thrive by offering limited options, often resulting in less food waste and simplified orders
  • Studies point to a phenomenon called “choice paralysis” where too much variety can reduce guest satisfaction
  • Maintain a universal vision of your restaurant when constructing your menu. The meals and cocktails should reflect the atmosphere and image of your business

Know When to Change

  • Periodically review your meal options to remove less favorable items. Make changes based on current flavor trends, ingredients cost, labor expenses and staff capabilities
  • The average restaurant changes their menu twice a year, but it may be best to revise it more often, such as seasonally

Having a comprehensive view of your business and menu will serve as a guide to optimize your operation with profit in mind.

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