The Third Place Is Exactly Where You Want to Be

Posted by Melanie Trainor The Third Place Is Exactly Where You Want To Be

In the foodservice industry, most businesses aspire to be considered “the third place” meaning that the main places consumers spend their time are home, work and your establishment.

Many people have already chosen the third place they like to be; the tricky part is getting individuals in your area to change their views and eventually feel that your business is the place to be.

One way to achieve this goal is to participate and become more involved in fun and creative events happening in your neighborhood.

Here are steps towards winning the heart of your customers.

Cater Events and Fundraisers

Donating your time and resources will not only bring your brand to the public but it will also allow you and your employees to develop relationships with those in the community and other establishments.

Host Happy Hour

Creating your own happy hour with drink specials and tasty appetizers will draw in customers and keep them coming back, even when there’s no incentive.

Sponsor Your Local Sports Teams

Position your brand to be seen all over town on jerseys of the little league and at adult sporting events. Offer not only to sponsor the teams but host celebrations with specials for the players and reserved seating areas.

Cooking Classes

Host cooking classes and expose some of those trade secrets your guests hunger for. Mix it up and develop a series of events to include instructions from your chef, guest chefs and cookbook authors.

Getting involved and developing relationships with customers will help create brand awareness and keep your business at the forefront of everyone’s mind. The tips above will create an image of your brand that says, “this is the place to be.”

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