Rave Reviews Come from Great First Impressions

Posted by Melanie Trainor Outdoor Dining

There is only one opportunity to make a good first impression.

The second a person walks into your restaurant, they have already begun to develop an opinion; therefore, it’s crucial that the front of your restaurant is clean, presentable and customers are greeted with a warm welcome. While the exterior is the initial aspect in shaping the first impression, interior characteristics such as the quality of food and service also play a vital role in earning repeat business.


Develop a comprehensive image of your brand and what it promises to those who dine at your establishment.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • ♦  What kind of ambience are we striving for?
  • ♦  What type of meals would we like to provide?
  • ♦  What kind of clientele are we hoping to attract?

Creating a brand is not always simple, but once it is developed, customers will begin to keep it at the forefront of their mind when on the hunt for a good place to eat.

Décor & Lighting

Ensure the décor of your restaurant matches your brand to appeal to your customer demographic.

Lighting says a lot about the mood and function of your establishment. Natural or bright light may suit business meetings and customers with small children while a dimmer, candle-lit style atmosphere might be better to enjoy a date or special occasion.

Keep this in mind when making these design choices to create the look and feel you want your patrons to experience:

  • ♦  Furniture
  • ♦  Decorations
  • ♦  Light Fixtures
  • ♦  Flooring
  • ♦  Color Schemes


Music, seating arrangements and kitchen location sets the stage for whether your establishment is loud and lively or quiet, relaxing and ideal for intimate conversation. Your music choice should match your brand. Fast-paced and edgy audio may result in faster turnover, while slow and quiet tunes encourage lingering over conversation.

Plates, Flatware and Glassware

Tabletop supplies and accessories play a role in setting the tone for a guest. Align the tableware you use with your brand. Fast food and casual diners tend to be informal, trendy bistros opt for quirkier shapes and designs, while upscale restaurants take pride in showcasing their finest wares for a classic high-end appeal.

To set your brand apart from others, it is important to be mindful of the features that make your place memorable.

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