Connect with your Community

Posted by Melanie Trainor

Restaurants who continually engage with their community can better position themselves as a top-of-mind establishment amongst local consumers.

Get Involved
  1. Host functions for local organizations and spend time interacting with attendees
  2. Set up booths at festivals, provide samples of your best menu items
  3. Cater weddings, parties and other celebrations
  4. Invite artists and musicians in the area to display their talents at your eatery
  5. Join clubs, attend meetings and actively participate in community service projects
  6. Recognize and offer specials to local vets via VFW and/or American Legion groups
  7. Donate your unused or about-to-expire items to a food shelf or soup kitchen; as well as unneeded cooking supplies
  8. Choose a charity relevant to your brand that you can support over the long haul. Encourage your employees to get involved, perhaps by matching their contributions or allotting paid days for volunteerism
  9. Take advantage of promoting your participation by utilizing social media. Corporate social responsibility is highly valued, and “cause” Marketing has grown in popularity
  10. Note your potential eligibility for the Restaurant Neighbor Awards bestowed annually by American Express and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation
  11. Consider a “round-it-up” charity campaign in which patrons are invited to increase their checks to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a nonprofit
  12. Think of your staff as your best ambassadors. Treat them well so they can be your best cheerleaders as well as your eyes and ears in sharing feedback

Finally, be aware that extending your neighborhood presence doesn’t have to be expensive. Often, your heartfelt, sincere gestures of goodwill go farthest when building trust among area residents.

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