Top Foodservice Brands of 2016

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Top Foodservice Brands of 2016

A decade ago the world’s attention was transfixed by how rapidly phones transformed from a pocket-sized device used to talk and text into an internet-connected gadget that could do everything from order a meal to find a date and much more.

In recent years, we have watched cars and many other technologies go through a similar digital transformation. The emergence of the Internet of Things, or IoT, is happening all around us, often in unlikely places. As a result, everyday household goods are becoming connected and able to be controlled remotely. 

While individuals can now turn on their slow cooker from the office, this digitization of appliances has had a big effect on industrial commercial kitchen equipment as well.

Hand in hand with these digital advances comes a continued emphasis on making equipment more energy efficient and eco-friendly. This can mean a wide range of things, from dishwashers that use less water, ovens that require less electricity or eco-friendly disposables.  

All in all, these advances in technology have made it an exciting time to remodel or update your commercial kitchen. There’s a lot out there to consider, so here is an overview of six manufacturers making some of today’s best kitchen equipment.

  1. Alto-Shaam - With their award-winning line of Combitherm ovens, which combine steam and convection technologies, Alto-Shaam continues to change the game through innovative engineering and a rightly famous quality that makes them a leader in the industry.
  2. Bakers Pride - The name says it all here. As a manufacturer of high-end baking equipment, Bakers Pride is known for precision temperature controls in their char broilers, ovens and more. Their extensive line of pizza ovens includes gas-fired brick ovens that make it easy for restaurants to have a brick oven.
  3. Groen - With an impressive lines of braising pans, steamers, ovens, kettles and cook-chill production systems, Groen products can be found in many of the largest and most distinguished prep kitchens in the country.
  4. Hoshizaki - This global leader in industrial kitchen equipment was named a 2016 Energy Star partner of the year for its sustained excellence in creating and manufacturing a range of energy-efficient ice machines and reach-in refrigeration products. Add this to the numerous other awards Hoshizaki has won for design and it is clear why they are such a revered name.
  5. Vulcan - Durable and efficient are two words people think of when they hear Vulcan. With energy-efficient Powerfry VK45 and VTEC char broilers, this brand is the choice for many who are looking to save big money on their gas bills.
  6. Vollrath - Recently, Vollrath has gained quite the reputation for its induction cooktops, which give chefs the same control and power as a flame — all without a flame. In addition to offering cutting-edge engineering, they also make some award-winning smallware and serving dishes.

Of course, this is only a partial list of the many great manufacturers TriMark USA offers. In this blog series, we’ll explore who’s making some of the most exciting cooling, cooking and storage equipment out there. Stay tuned for the following:

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These blogs will provide an invaluable starting point for your research into selecting the right equipment for your kitchen. To learn more about any of these manufacturers and to find other great equipment vendors, contact TriMark today or request our catalog.

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