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Perhaps this is an obvious statement, but refrigeration is one of the cornerstones of the modern food industry. From the very moment food leaves the farm, refrigeration plays an integral role in the supply chain by preserving produce, meat and more by keeping it fresh until it reaches your customer’s plate.

Unless some new eating trend sweeps the country and people suddenly no longer want to eat food that’s been refrigerated, freezers and refrigerators will remain important to your kitchen.

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your current units or wondering how manufacturers have improved their cooling and freezing systems, let’s take a look at two of the biggest names in the industry, Traulsen and Randell.


Traulsen’s claim to fame has to do with how air moves through their cooling units — something they call cyclonic airflow technology. Strategically placed inside many of their blast chillers, prep tables and R&A Series refrigerators and freezers, multiple blowers provide a constant and steady distribution of cold air to ensure the contents are evenly cooled.

Not stopping there, Trauslen has also taken full advantage of the rapidly evolving sensor and computer technology in their units. Their signature piece in this arena is the Intella-Traul microprocessor, which allows for precise temperature control no matter how many times you open the door, look around, close it, and then open it again.

This keeps food fresh longer, which of course is great for economic reasons, but it is also a significant step toward reducing bacteria growth and food-borne illnesses.

Many of Trauslen’s models have digital interfaces so you can control and monitor the settings from an easy-to-use touch screen on the door. These features make Traulsen’s line of cooling units a great example of how technology and engineering can save you money and keep your food safe.

Randell commercial refrigerators

As a division of United Brands, one of the titans in the world of commercial kitchen equipment, Randell has been in the professional refrigeration game for over 35 years. Today they make all sizes and shapes of refrigerators and freezers, including dual-temperatures, reach-ins and roll-ins, under-counter, drawers and more.

The company prides themselves on designing their units in ways that maximize energy efficiency. Each unit uses a minimum of 2.5 inches of CFC-free polyurethane for insulation. In addition to this, the hallmark of its cooling system is the FX series unit, designed in a way to maintain incredibly accurate temperatures that are ideal for storing fish, red meat and other delicate foods.

To learn more about these incredible products, contact TriMark today.

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