Annual Sale Proves that Personal Service Wins

Posted by Diana Tsuchida
Bay Area restaurateurs, caterers, foodservice professionals and home chefs alike came out in droves to TriMark Economy Restaurant Fixtures annual 3 Day Super Sale.  

The three day event featured bargain hunting, customer networking and equipment demonstrations from a number of the industry’s top manufacturers. Vendors and manufacturer reps flew in from every corner of the country, proving that a nearly 20 year tradition continues to be vital for this culinary community.  

In addition to amazing deals found on thousands of products, patrons were treated to a number of tasty eats prepared with featured equipment, from Vollrath’s rotisserie chicken to Nuova Simonelli lattes to dumplings and noodles prepared with Chinese culinary tools courtesy of Town. In case you missed us this year, we’ll take you through some of the highlights:

We saw demonstrations (and were treated to many lattes) of one of the most elite espresso machines on the market—the Nuova Simonelli, the machine used in barista competitions.

Vollrath showcased their top of the line induction equipment and frozen granita and soft serve machines for customers to try.

No TriMark sale event is complete without the noodles, dumplings and charisma of Chuck Suss, son of the founder of Town Food Service Equipment.

We saw great table top displays from Libbey, Oneida, Cardinal and Steelite. Each display showcased the latest trends in tabletop design. Not to mention a unique chemistry inspired cocktail bar from Libbey.

While the three day sale inevitably draws the workers and innovators of the Bay Area’s culinary scene, it also intrigues the average home cook and consumer. This blend of home cooks and professional chefs coming together reminds us that the work we do—making success happen for our customers—is why we continue to bring it!

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