Watch for These Foodservice Trends in 2016

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No matter the industry you work in, it will only be a matter of time before experience points to the old adage, “The only constant is change.” New technology, trends, fads, consumer demands and competitors’ innovations make life in the business world a dynamic and exciting enterprise.

The food industry is no exception. Not only are tastes constantly evolving, but so are peoples' eating habits. With a proliferation of new diets, cooking shows, and a food movement that has altered the way many look at what they eat, those in the food industry must not only adapt, but be able to predict changes before they occur.

The big picture

Whether you’re preparing and serving food in event facilities, restaurants, hospitality and resorts, or an institutional setting, ours is an industry that keeps you on your toes. Many wouldn’t be in the foodservice industry if it weren't for the constant change and excitement that make up the daily routine. And while it’s impossible to specifically determine what tastes will be popular in the next year, there are broad trends that you must take into account in order to maintain your competitive edge.

In this blog series, we're going to take a closer look at four significant trends that may very well affect your business in 2016. Capitalize on these trends with your amazing services and products, and 2016 may be your business' best year yet.

The topics we will cover in this series include:

* Mobile apps for ordering and delivery. Just as digital services like Uber and Airbnb have transformed the transportation and hospitality industries respectively, so will mobile ordering and third-party delivery apps change the foodservice landscape. What does this mean for your business? How will this increase the amount of take-out you need to prepare? This blog will answer both of these questions.

* Eco-friendly food service. As environmental concerns continue to influence our lifestyle choices, people are looking to eat responsibly sourced ingredients and use biodegradable disposables and similar take-out containers as well. Caterers and restaurant owners will have to decide what products to purchase and vendors to work with in order to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly foodservice. We'll take a closer look at the issue here, so you can find new solutions for the future of your business.

* Eating alone is the new normalIt used to be odd to see someone eating alone at a restaurant, but today the single diner is an increasingly common sight. Research shows this trend has been growing for years and there's no reason to expect a dip in 2016. And as the trend continues to gain steam, it will have a profound effect on your business, including the way in which you lay out your dining room, determine your portion size and more.

* Personal chef servicesHaving a professional chef in your home to cook for dinner parties or when you’re entertaining friends is no longer a luxury for the very wealthy. Home chef services are growing in popularity, and many catering companies and restaurants have taken advantage. Are you doing so? If not, learn more about why you need to consider this market.

It's possible that not every trend listed above will impact your business, but they do represent some important directions the industry is taking. And the more you're aware of what's going on in foodservice around you, the better prepared you'll be to make the most of it.

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