August 2016

The Great Hot-Dog Makeover

Few foods have the legendary, almost-mythical status of the hot dog. The origins of this iconic food are shrouded in hearsay and folklore. Most agree the hot dog came to America via German immigrants in the 19th century

Consumer Flavor Trends

It may seem as though there's no end to the number of food trends. Some, like fancy cupcakes with two to three inches of frosting, aren’t really surprising. Others, like the raw-food trend that ignited for a brief moment seven or eight years ago

A Look at Restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip

People have a lot of different opinions about Las Vegas. For some, it’s all glitz and glamor, for others it’s a citadel of sin. But if you’re in the restaurant industry, one thing is for certain, you need to keep tabs on Las Vegas

Celebrity Restaurant Concepts

Being a celebrity has to be tough. There was a time when it seemed like you could get by on good looks, acting ability (or lack thereof) or simply your ability to entertain and put on a good show.

Getting the Industrial Look

We all know fashions come and go. And as fickle as clothing or music trends, restaurant designs seem to change with every decade. New styles bring a new perception of quality, and it’s often the case that if you want to attract new business, you must make ...

Instagram Inspiration

Chances are good you’ve seen an otherwise respectable guest stand on a chair or kneel on the floor, angle their smartphone just right and take a picture of their food. Such a sight, which can be rather comical, is often as annoying as it is flatte ...

Find Inspiration for Your Kitchen and Dining Room

If you’re like most restaurant owners, you got into the business because you love food. It probably started when you were young, and you tried concocting some not-so-delicious dishes from an assortment of cans and things you found in your mom’s refrigerator.

How To Get Your Flatware Sparkling

Some things were just meant to sparkle and shine — diamonds, gold, BMWs and of course flatware. Whether it’s plated silver or chrome, the flatware in your restaurant should sparkle when placed before a guest.Understanding that most operations have neither ...

Quick Guide to Stainless Steel Flatware

When it comes to selecting flatware, by far the most popular type of material that businesses choose is stainless steel. But not all stainless steel restaurant flatware is the same. The vast majority come in one of four grades, each grade differentia ...

Flatware and Customer Germaphobia

Some people look at the world and see little more than germs — filthy, festering germs — on doorknobs, tables, sheets and in the air. To them, the whole world is simply a Petri dish breeding germs.Chances are some of these people have visited your restaur ...