Music City Tippler

Music City Tippler

Kitchen design, equipment, supplies, and project management provided by TriMark Strategic

Bringing over the concept of Music City Tippler from New York City to Nashville required much more than project management. TriMark Strategic oversaw the installation of a 150-year old mahogany bar, along with a 300-year-old Italian painting, an antique tapestry, and other personal artifacts. Constant revisions, refinements and exacting measurements of the redesign allowed for sinks, drains, wall supports, and other structural elements. TriMark Strategic also did extensive research and analysis to customize the best smallwares solution for Music City Tippler’s needs.

Project Highlights

  • Complete replacement of a $20,000 bar system and equipment including design and supply shelving for refrigeration
  • Oversaw the retrofit of 150-year-old hand-carved wooden bar and back bar
  • Identified and rectified potential health code, electrical and plumbing issues
  • Close relationships with manufacturers to create a custom-tailored smallwares package
  • Expertise in design and layout guided the director of operations, general contractor and the architect from project planning to successful installation

“TriMark Strategic utilized its full resources of purchasing, operations and sales to accomplish total customer satisfaction,” said Dave Stephens, Contract Sales for TriMark Strategic.

Music City Tippler plaque
Music City Tippler restaurant
Music City Tippler chef