Providing healthy food options, budget compliance, and racing the clock to make sure every student gets fed are just some of the many challenges schools face during lunch periods.

TriMark Strategic and Nemco have teamed up to supply schools with the most effective, reliable equipment and serving design concepts to help their kitchens run at peak performance.

Why is Equipment and Service Line Design Important?

  • Well planned serving line configurations enhance efficiency and flow, which is fundamental to feeding all students in the allotted amount of time.
  • Proper equipment is necessary to prepare large batches of food in order to accommodate vast student bodies (while also keeping meals at adequate temperatures).
  • The kitchen must be organized in such a way that allows for convenient and rapid food replenishment between lunch periods.

Having the tools and resources you need to help run your kitchen smoothly is our priority.

We have the experience and talent to advance your foodservice operation. As your trusted partner, TriMark Strategic and Nemco will deliver results that matter.


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