Temecula Valley Hospital

TriMark Raygal Featured Project: Temecula Valley Hospital

By implementing a process called Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), TriMark Orange County was able to reduce costs for Temecula Valley Hospital by 40%. Integrated Project Delivery brings together architects, designers, and engineers to collaborate during the pre-construction phase of a project. The goal of IPD is to identify and reduce waste, optimize project results and add value for the customer.

Project Highlights

  • Reduced costs by 40% as compared to typical hospital projects
  • Virtually eliminated change orders
  • Saved money by identifying ways to reduce waste
  • Transitioned from tray service to room service-style dining to ensure freshness and temperature of food
  • Executed value stream mapping to designate how products and trays flowed in and out of the kitchen
“Integrated Project Delivery is an innovative way that TriMark Orange County can identify and reduce waste for our customers,” said Eric Smith, Vice President, TriMark Orange County.