TriMark USA: Our Chef Spotlight is an up-close look at some of the most notable Chefs in the country

TriMark USA's Chef Spotlight is an up-close look at some of the most notable Chefs in the country. Find out how these Chef's got their start, what inspires them, how they approach their craft, and what they think of the latest food trends in foodservices and restaurants.

Read all about TriMark's current Chefs below and check back for new additions.

Chef Michael Mills Chef Michael Mills
Jennings Center for Older Adults | Garfield Heights, OH

"This isn’t just a job to me, it’s a ministry.” Read Here

Chef Mitch Randall Chef Mitch Randall
Ostra | Boston, MA

The secret to his success is to “focus, work hard and good things will come." Read Here

Chef Ben HsuChef Ben Hsu
Sushi 86 | Cleveland, OH

"Restaurant life is the only way to live. My father taught me that." Read Here

Chef Chris Warsow Executive Chef Christopher Warsow
Bell Flavors & Fragrances | Northbrook, IL

Chris Warsow’s job title is Executive Chef, but he’s really more of a food scientist. Read Here

Chef Brian Gianpoalo Sous Chef Brian Gianpoalo
Giulia | Cambridge, MA

“Chefs and restaurateurs are always trying to improve techniques and find better, more efficient equipment to help their businesses.” Read Here

Chef Chris Poplin Chef Chris Poplin
Hard Rock Rocksino | Northfield, OH

The laser-like focus on quality is something he practices to this day. Read Here

Chef Joanne Chang Chef Joanne Chang
Flour Bakery + Café | Boston, MA

With some folks, you wonder how they do it all in a 24-hour day. Chef Joanne Chang is one of those people. Read Here

Executive Chef Jon Boetel Chef Jon Boetel
McGarry's Pub | Maple Plain, MN

Executive Chef Jon Boetel came from good stock. It seemed like everyone in the family was a good cook. Read Here

Chef Lenny Russo Chef Lenny Russo
Heartland Restaurant | St. Paul, MN

Like many Chefs, Lenny Russo grew up in a household that celebrated food. Read Here

Chef Ted Lahey Chef Ted Lahey
Osteria Mattone | Roswell, GA

Chef Ted Lahey traded his guitar for a knife, and things have never been the same. Read Here

Chef Nick Rabar Chef Nick Rabar
Avenue N | Providence, RI

Chef, TV personality and author Nick Rabar is the award-winning chef-owner of Avenue N. Read Here