Sous Chef Brian Gianpoalo: What's In the Back of the House

Giulia is a popular restaurant located in Cambridge, MA. TriMark sat down with Sous Chef Brian Gianpoalo to learn just how essential the right equipment and supplies have been to the restaurant's success.

As an upscale Italian restaurant, Sous Chef Brian Gianpoalo believes that foodservice equipment plays a critical role in the success of his restaurant Giulia, a popular restaurant located in Cambridge, MA.

Like most restaurants, Giulia’s kitchen is very small. So it’s important to him that the equipment produce “the quality and caliber of food we do,” he said. “The most important aspects in foodservice equipment are quality and efficiency in both of space and time. That’s why the back of the house has to make good use of every inch of space. For instance, the restaurant had a custom-made shelving unit built in above the grill to save space,” said Gianpoalo.

As an Italian restaurant, Gianpoalo said that the pasta cooker is one of the most important pieces of equipment. But he doesn’t play favorites. “Every piece of equipment in the kitchen has its own unique importance, from a pair of tongs to our C-vap oven. The back of the house also has a Berkel slicer that’s good for antipasti dishes,” he said.

When it comes to a smooth running service, there are many critical components. “You have to make sure you have proper refrigeration for food preparation during service. Also, using steam tables and hot boxes may help you run a smoother service when putting out large quantities of food,” he said. In terms of foodservice supplies, he relies on everyday essentials such as “disposable tasting spoons, c-fold paper towels, plastic wrap, and so on,” he said.

The nature of foodservice is “constant change,” said Gianpoalo. “Chefs and restaurateurs are always trying to improve techniques and find better, more efficient equipment to help their business. Food trucks, for example, have been booming the past couple years in the Boston area. I know that food trucks need specialty equipment to be able to fit and transport in a vehicle. Electric equipment such as deep fryers and salamanders are a few things that can meet these demands,” he said.

While foodservice equipment is a critical part of an efficient and successful operation, Gianpoalo said “In my opinion it's the people you employ that truly can make a service great and have guests come back for more.”

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