Unparalleled Performance and Consistency from Univex

The right tools are essential for a high proficiency kitchen operation. We offer first-rate pizza solutions that are built to deliver excellence, durability and impeccable results.

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Univex - Divider/Rounder
  • Cut and round 600 – 800 pieces of dough per hour
  • 3 to 11 oz portions divided into 14 sections
  • 11 to 23 oz portions divided into 11 sections
  • Semi-automatic, compact, easy to use

Pizza Spinner

Univex - Pizza Spinner
  • Patented micro rolling system
  • Adjustable crust thickness
  • Cold system spinner to prevent partial cooking of dough
  • Automatic start and stop

Stone Deck Ovens

Univex - Stone Deck Ovens
  • Hand cut and laid refactory brick
  • Round internal cooking chamber
  • Well insulated, cool to touch at highest temperature
  • Simple to use controls
  • Long life span with low cost of ownership

Stone Hearth Pizza Dome Ovens

Univex - Stone Hearth Pizza Dome Ovens
  • Round or Square Exterior
  • Superior heat containment with gradual release
  • Made of whole refractory bricks
  • Large baking surface always stays warm