Traulsen Blast Chiller with Epicon Visual Interface

Traulsen Blast Chillers with Epicon

Traulsen Blast Chiller with Epicon Visual Interface

Complete Control and Consistent Results

Protecting your food and your customers is easier than ever with the Traulsen Blast Chiller with Epicon Visual Interface. You can now move your food quickly and safely from serving temperature to storing temperature. This helps prolong the freshness of your ingredients and reduce spoilage of your product. 

The Ultimate in Usability: Blast Chillers with Epicon

The clean and intuitive design of the Epicon blast chiller control panel helps reduce confusion in the kitchen since it requires only a few simple steps to create and manage custom food chilling programs. The operator simply selects one of two modes:

  1. For the Auto Menu mode, simply place the temperature probe in the prepared food and the blast chiller will launch the Auto Menu function. When the food temperature reaches the factory default standard temperature setting of 37° F the chiller beeps. The operator can also chose to chill by time by simply pressing the EZ TIME button, and the food will be chilled within the factory default time of 90 minutes.

  2. The Manual Mode method allows the operator to have complete control over the blast chiller operation. The chef simply selects an operating program – by temp, by time, or even a preset recipe; enters the product name; selects a chill method; and presses Start. The blast chiller can store up to 250 recipes for easy recall.
Traulsen Blast Chiller Operating Programs give you flexibility to choose between operating by temperature, by time, and even by already stored Products.
  • Operating the Blast Chiller by temperature is ideal for when you want your food to reach or stay at a certain temperature until serving.
  • Operating by time allows you to choose any target time between 90 minutes and 4 hours.
  • Operating by product is ideal for when you have a food item already stored or want to use the same program on a similar food item.
The Traulsen Blast Chiller with Epicon offers four chilling methods for increased efficiency and flexibility compared to traditional blast chillers:
  • Standard – Used for basic operation
  • Speed – Ideal for high-volume operations and reduced chill time by approximately 10 percent
  • Delicate – Retains moisture and food quality during the chill cycle
  • Energy – Uses approximately 10 percent less energy per cycle than the standard method