Steelite holiday table setting featuring plate covers

Brilliant Buffets & Banquets by Steelite

It’s the time of year where people gather with loved ones to dine in style. Optimize your buffet display and serve memorable banquets with captivating pieces from Steelite.

D.W. Haber Breakfast Buffet Display

D.W. Haber

Elevate your buffet presentation and create lasting impressions with D.W. Haber solutions. The variety of Wood Fusion Buffet a la Carte pieces sit flawlessly atop the square and rectangular stainless steel risers, providing a multitude of combinations to fit every display design and theme.

Kenny Mack Jagged & Slated bowls

Kenny Mack Designs

Add captivating details to your presentation with Kenny Mack slanted and jagged-edge bowls.



Ruche Folio Bone China Collection by Steelite

Folio Ruche

Bring your banquet service to the forefront with Ruche from the Folio Bone China collection. The full rimmed embossment with the feel of flowing layers of satin, brings romance and elegance to your tabletop. The luminosity of the bone china combined with the functionality of the coupe rims produces a striking, well-designed backdrop.

Folio Virtue

With 42% bone ash, Virtue has a creamy white, translucent body that creates the perfect setting for any meal. Whether it’s fine or casual dining, banqueting or buffet, Virtue is sure to make every experience memorable.

Virtue Folio Bone China table setting from Steelite
Willow Mist and Axure table spread from Steelite

Steelite Willow

Willow provides a multi-level presentation through a series of wide rim gourmet plates designed for fine dining and premium displays. The renowned distinction body exudes style and hidden strength of lasting durability.

Royal Porcelain Vortex

The ever-popular Vortex porcelain features a linear reactive decal design on a unique geometric profile. The European Design Team, Queensberry Hunt, created this contemporary dinnerware shape for exceptional food presentation. The unique flat silhouettes accentuate a square well, bringing optimal food framing potential.

Royal Porcelain Vortex Collection by Steelite
Steelite Plate covers for memorable events

Creations Plate Covers

With the heat retention and versatility you are looking for, these Plate Covers keep foods warm and sanitary during dine-in or room service. Made from durable stainless steel, each cover is custom fit to the top and bottom of the plate or bowl for easy stacking. With a polished finish and standard sized finger hole, our plate covers allow for easy lifting every time.


Rona Gramerci

The Gramerci Hotel collection is perfect for hotel glassware needs, starting with banquets. The collection includes red and white wine stems and water goblets that are well-sized and priced for high-volume service.

Rona Gramarci Glassware Collection
Steelite Bormioli Rocco Electra Collection

Bormioli Rocco Electra

With thin laser-cut rims, pulled stem technology, and the XLT Treatment, Electra offers a wide range of modern and sophisticated stemware. Whether hosting a rare wine tasting or decanting an idyllic vintage, Electra’s elegant design and transparent finish is the ultimate compliment for events.

The XLT treatment is guaranteed to last the lifetime of the product and will not wear over time.


Folio Bryce

The modern look of Bryce flatware is created specifically for banqueting, being both easy to care for and beautifully elegant.

Steelite Folio Bryce flatware
Steelite Folio Pirouette Flatware

Folio Pirouette

Horizontal lines on the length of the handles give the Pirouette flatware pattern by Folio a pleasingly coiled design while minimizing the appearance of fingerprints.