Randell FAQs

Randell answers some frequent asked questions about their product line that include: prep tables, wrapped-wall prep tables, forced-air prep tables, pizza prep tables, custom prep tables and more.

Why buy a Randell prep table over other prep tables in the industry?

Randell’s focus on performance preparation tables is unmatched in the industry. Unlike a standard reach-in or under counter refrigerator a prep table’s performance is greatly changed by environment due to having an open top. Randell knows this and test to higher standards than required for NSF-7 to ensure performance and reliability in every kitchen. Reliability is one of the keys to Randell’s success with National and Regional Chains across the country. They trust Randell to perform and you can count on us as well.

What style prep table works best in a hot kitchen – wrapped-wall or forced-air?

Extensive in-house and field testing by Randell and operators has shown that the performance of a wrapped-wall style prep table is superior to a forced-air prep table at holding temperatures, and requires less energy to operate. Wrapped-wall units use a split system to cool the base and rail independently, while forced-air units use one coil to chill the base and the rail. The Randell 8000N Series raised rail unit is the only prep table in the industry that comes standard with separate thermostatic controls, allowing the operator to adjust the temperature on both the rail and the base.

I’m opening a pizzeria – does Randell have a prep table that specifically accommodates pizza preparation?

Pizza operations depend on their prep tables almost as much as they do the oven. The Randell 8000N Series wrapped-wall, raised rail pizza prep table is selected by pizza operators around the world. Randell supplied pizza prep tables to 3 of the top 4 US pizza chains, and 13 of the top 20 pizza chains in the country buy Randell over the competition. With standard features like large 1-1/2” clean out drain in-rail (yes you can dump water in the rail to clean up!), integral lip so no pan clips to remove or clean around, press fit removable gasket and wrapped-wall refrigeration system, it is no wonder more operators select Randell 8000N series over the competition.

Are there differences between side-mounted compressors and back-mounted compressors?

Routine maintenance of the condenser is necessary on any refrigeration unit, to prevent extra stress on the compressor which can cause overheating. Keeping the condenser clean is the easiest way to ensure long life of the compressor and save on utility costs. A rear-mounted compressor is harder to get to - it requires removing the unit from the wall, and sometimes a back panel to see if it needs to be cleaned. Conversely, equipment that comes with compressors located on the side of the unit is easier to inspect and doesn’t require removing the equipment from the wall for cleaning. The Randell 9000K series prep tables have lift-off louvers, allowing easy removal without tools. This can save greatly on labor costs, as you only spend time cleaning the condenser and not removing panels or pulling unit away from the wall.

Do I need to add anything to the surface of the Randell chef stand to support the weight of heavy duty cooking equipment?

No, you don’t have to worry. At Randell we build every equipment stand with an 11 gauge sub top, stainless steel top, and full-length 12 gauge leg rail to ensure that no matter what you stack on top, we support it. The Randell chef stand also comes standard with heavy duty plate casters. The total weight the Randell 20000 Series chef stand can support is 225 lbs. per foot. This means a 48” unit can support 900 lbs. of cooking equipment on the top.

Can I get chef bases modified to fit the exact size of my equipment, so I don’t waste space under the hood?

Yes, with the Randell 20000 Series our belief is simple. We need to design to accommodate the size of the cooking equipment that will be placed on top of the chef base. With the 20000 Series, the Randell team extends not only the top area of the chef base to your custom specifications, but the entire unit. This means that the top surface and leg rail extend and additional vertical panels are added to ensure support of the top.

I don’t want to make my unit CUSTOM because of the cost? Do I have any options?

You have come to the right place. Randell embraces modifications/accessories to standard units as we understand that every operation is different. Our goal is not to sell you a standard refrigerator. Our goal is to sell you a solution that fits your needs. So to achieve this we have over 100 modifications available for each family allowing you to modify the unit to fit your requirements. We also have our RanSpec line available that offers endless options so no matter what your needs are Randell can provide you a solution.