Bar glass filled with Hoshizaki cubelet ice

Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice Machines

The ice you serve has greater influence on a patron’s dining experience than you may think. Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice Machines maintain durability, have easy control features and produce at the highest quality. Spend less time managing the equipment and more time serving delicious concoctions.

Hoshizaki Sets the Bar

Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice Machine DCM-270BAH

Internal Auger Design

  • Energy efficient due to low kilowatt consumption
  • Highly reliable, heavy-duty ventless gear box leaving you with less contaminants
  • Anti-magnetic auger & barrel prevents high mineral build up
  • The graphite bearings are greaseless, water friendly & boosts longevity

Simple Controls

  • Float switch control creates consistent ice formation
  • Automatic safety shut off protects from water loss or filter restriction
  • Thermistor controlled termination leads to less down time, fewer repairs & longer life
  • Quick diagnosis with a 10 - 15 minute check cycle
  • High temp ‘lock out’ prevents failures & protects refrigeration components
  • EverCheck™ Control Board includes audible alarm & diagnostic features to assist service technicians in identifying issues
Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice Machine FD-1002MAJ-C-DM-4420N
Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice Machine F-801MAJ-C-B-500SF

Infrared Bin Control/Water Filtration

  • Ensures bin or dispenser is topped off, without overflow
  • Touchfree that delivers better sanitation & accurate level adjustments
  • Enhanced shutdown & start up sequence that increases the life of refrigeration components
  • H-GUARD Plus® Antimicrobial Agent inhibits growth of bacteria, mold & other microorganisms

Advanced CleanCycle24

  • Drains the reservoir & evaporator every hour
  • Produces cleaner ice by washing away impurities & minerals during the 2 second rinse every hour
Hoshizaki Cubelet Ice Machine F-330BAJ-C
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