Introducing WineStation from Napa Technology

The perfect solution for your business.

Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, bar or retail establishment, if you have wine service, waste reduction and quality control are two things that can make or break your investment. The WineStation was designed to help you address these issues resulting in increased profits.

With three models to choose from, there is a WineStation solution perfect for your business…

WineStation Professional
(Staff Service Only
Designed solely for staff-service operations, the WineStation Professional is for operations invested in preserving wines, creating secure controls while eliminating product waste and theft. The WineStation Professional can change the landscape of your bar in under30 minutes and delivers profits instantly.
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WineStation Premier
(Staff Service with Enhanced Reporting
The WineStation Premier is designed for establishments wishing to operate at the highest level of preservation and product efficiency. This superior behind the bar solution also provides detailed sales insights and product reporting.
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WineStation Premier Plus
(Staff & Self-Service Application
The WineStation Premier PLUS creates the most decadent and engaging wine tasting experience possible. Utilizing the AccuServe Smartcard technology guests can self explore a wide variety of wines in taste, half, or full glass options while providing the operator with detailed consumer insights, purchase habits and detailed product reports.
pf pdf icon WineStation Products Download PDF

Pour for any business.

pic3.JPGRestaurant: Secure. Easy.
How much product waste and loss is acceptable in your restaurant? With nearly half of beverage revenues generated from wines by the glass programs, we at Napa Technology place that number at zero. The WineStation’s product, portion and temperature controls assures that restaurateurs are both meeting the demands of today’s discerning consumer and operating at the peak of staff and product efficiency.


pic2.JPGHotel: Plug In. Pour On The Profits.
More sales — instantly. The zero build-out design of the WineStation can immediately convert any hotel Lobby, Executive Lounge, Spa or Restaurant into an immediate profit center. Operate at the highest level of guest convenience by deploying the WineStation’s optional Room Key Integration capabilities. With a single swipe of a room key, hotel guests can securely access the WineStation anywhere on property.

pic4.JPGWine Bar: Sommelier. At Your Fingertips.
The WineStation unleashes your customer’s inner sommelier. Our easy to read, customizable LCD screens make wine exploration unintimidating and memorable. And with each guest interaction, our proprietary software will deliver a world of insights. So whether Loyalty and Wine Club programs are your goal or just easier product monitoring, the AccuServe Smartcard technology delivers the data you need to make smarter business decisions.


pic1.JPGRetail: More Samples. More Sales.
Creating a unique shopping experience is just as important as moving cases. Utilizing the WineStation’s secure and automated portion controls, retailers can now beautifully, simply and proficiently activate sampling of higher priced or featured winesdaily, without the additional labor or expense of events.