Cool down with Hoshizaki Specialty Ice machines available in 1by1 Cube, 1.8-inch Sphere & 2by2 Cube!

Posted by Nicole

Specialty Ice:
Hoshizaki's exclusive line of Speciality Ice machines help you delight your customers with beautifully crafted cocktails.
Sphere Ice:
Create signature cocktails with the perfect amount of chilling with minimal dilution. These 1.8-inch diameter spheres are perfect for preparation and presentaion and increase revenue per cocktail.

1by1 Square Cube Ice:

The 1by1 square cube ice machine is available in two sizes - an undercounter and a large stackable ice machine. The 1by1 cube is versatile for any beverage and is perfect for preparation and presenation. 
2by2 Cube Ice:
The 2by2 Cube Undercounter Ice Machine improves cocktail preparation and maximizes equipment efficiencies, providing superior chilling ability, increasing flavor and presentation of specialty cocktails or straight spirits like bourbon or scotch

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