Empower Your Menu with Vector H Multi-Cook Ovens from Alto-Shaam

Posted by Melinda Kinnear

Providing an unmatched volume and variety of food, Vector H Series multi-cook ovens are specifically designed for foodservice operations where space is limited but food demand is high.
 A new wide model option allows operators to cook 16-inch pizzas, appetizers, desserts and more—all at the same time—in a compact, ventless footprint. 
Featuring up to four independent oven chambers, operators can control the temperature, fan speed and cook time in each individual chamber for maximum flexibility.
Standard Features Include:
-        Programmable, touchscreen control
-        Easy recipe upload/ download via USB port
-        UL-listed ventless catalytic converter
-        Double-pane glass door
-        One (1) wire stainless steel rack and two (2) jet plates per cooking chamber
-        4” adjustable legs
-        Cord and plug on 208-240V models

If you're interested in learning more, here are a few options of the Vector H Series Multi-Cook Ovens:

Vector H Series Oven with 4 oven chambers 
Vector H Series Oven with 3 oven chambers 
Vector H Series Oven with 2 oven chambers. 

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