High Performance is Here in America’s Favorite Slicer!

Posted by Melanie Trainor
Globe G-10 Slicer

Globe’s G-Series slicers command respect and have earned a reputation for “edging out the competition”. Expertly engineered and designed, each model offers enhanced operator features, sanitation and functionality.

Globe G-12 Slicer with Ham

Operator Safety

The no volt release prevents the knife from restarting, should power fail or be interrupted at any time. The all metal sharpener is top mounted for easy access and is removable for cleaning. The blade itself has an interlocked cover for protection and the slicer will not power on unless that cover is in the correct position. Along with an extended thumb guard, the G-Series boasts exceptional operator protection.


Convenient Cleaning

The G-Series features an enclosed base, which helps keeps it free from debris. You’ll never have an instance of the motor or controls failing from foreign food particles during proper operation. The single-piece anodized aluminum bottom furthers this design by eliminating excess seams. These elements make routine cleaning easier, more effective and frustration free.


Comfort & Performance

Superior comfort and cutting-edge performance go hand in hand with Globe’s EZ Glide™ carriage, featuring ball-bearing operation for easy slicing. The extended carriage accommodates larger products using the bottom meat grip tines and end weight teeth on top, securely holding foods for consistent slices. A higher yield, without product damage, will directly improve your bottom line. Finally, powerful motors provide long-lasting reliability; with a 1/3 horsepower motor for the G10 and 1/2 horsepower for the G12, G12A and G14.


No Cut Corners

Globe continues to offer their 2-Year On-Site Parts & Labor Warranty on any new purchases of the G-Series Slicer.


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