Globe S-Series Premium Slicers: Maintenance Made Simple

Posted by Chad Ablondi
Slicer Cleaning Timer

Given the current state of the world, safety and sanitation is of the upmost importance. This extends to all facets of life but especially the food industry. Globe has brought to the market a Premium Slicer that will shape the way you maintain and sanitize kitchen equipment with innovative features including:


Clear Text Display

Unlike any slicer in its class, The Globe S-Series Slicers feature a clear text display that notifies operators of error, operation, diagnostic and maintenance messages. These concise messages eliminate confusion that occur when using other vendor machines that rely on auditory beeps or blinking lights that do not specifically alert distinct issues.


Language Options

Also available with the slicers are varying language choices that include English, Spanish and French that can be set as primary and secondary options.


Maintenance Mode

The maintenance mode offers cycle counter information such as total number of strokes in each speed, powered up time and power cycles. Diagnostic information can help servicers quickly and accurately identify system issues for faster repairs. These counters can assist with overall maintenance by alerting a servicer to the usage the slicer has had.


4-Hour Timer

Featured on the SG Advanced Premium Slicers from Globe is an automated sanitation alert timer that begins once the first slice has been made. From that point the operator will be notified at the 3 ½ hour mark that they have 30 minutes remaining to unplug, clean and sanitize the machine. If they do not, a similar alert will occur at the 3 ¾ hour mark. If the 4-hour mark has been reached without unplugging, cleaning and sanitizing, the slicer will show an alert letting you know the slicer must be unplugged and cleaned. Once the slicer has been unplugged, cleaned and plugged back in, the operation will return to normal.



Featuring four distinct models, the S-Series offers Manual (S13 & SG13) and Automatic (S13A & SG13A) variants.

Featuring a 13” steel knife and an anodized aluminum design, S-Series slicers are both effective and durable.

Standard Model Features Include
  • 1/2 HP continuous use knife motor
  • Tilting carriage accommodates up to 13.75”H, 8” dia., 11” W large products
  • Advanced meat grip design for superior product hold
  • No voltage release; this prevents inadvertent reactivation of slicer in the event of interlock or power interruption
  • Interlock prevents slicer from operating without the knife cover in place
  • Top mounted, removable sharpening system with long-lasting synthetic diamond surfaces & enables quick & easy sharpening & cleaning
  • Kickstand or lift lever to facilitate ease of cleaning
  • 2-year parts & labor warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on sharpening stones
Advanced Model Features Include
  • Home Start – carriage must be in home position to start slicer
  • Adjustable timer – shuts off slicer after inactivity
  • Close to Stop – closing slicer table shuts off slicer
  • Carriage tilt interlock – no knife exposure when carriage is tilted & prevents slicer from operating
  • Patent pending Clear Text LCD display shows operator messages, diagnostics & system information in English, Spanish and French
Automatic Features Include
  • Standard Automatic has 2 stroke lengths & 2 speeds
  • Advanced Automatic has 3 stroke lengths & 4 speeds
  • Lift lever for easy cleaning under slicer
  • Advanced Automatic has Return Home features, which returns the carriage to the home position

Experience the new unrivaled technology from the first slice and beyond. Globe’s S-Series Premium Slicers will showcase new standards that will have you providing the safest products for your customers. The S-Series is more than a machine, it is a piece of thoughtful engineering, designed to make operations and foodservice simple and safe.

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