Foodservice Best Practices during the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Posted by Melanie Trainor

Chef washing their hands


The COVID-19 outbreak has required the foodservice industry to evolve, adapt, altered their business operations, and, in some instances, temporarily close down.

For operators who are still serving customers during this global event, we are providing a few tips and best practices to keep staff and customers healthy, and to take every opportunity to promote your business.

Health & Safety Precautions

  • Institute a mandatory handwashing break. As a team, periodically stop production and scrub your hands clean. Every hour is recommended
  • Repeatedly and often, disinfect kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, customer-facing and high-touch areas
  • Offer guests hand sanitizer as they enter and exit your establishment
  • Keep a thermometer on hand to check the temperature of staff when needed, and advise employees to stay home if they are not feeling well
  • Every staff member should wear protective gloves and change them often
  • Put butcher block paper down on surfaces like the front of house table and counter spaces and replace often
  • Space out tables to ensure appropriate distancing – even for take-out service, people could still need to wait briefly while others are picking up their meals
  • Limit the use of cash if possible, money carries a lot of germs; encourage guests to use their credit/debit card over the phone and another option is Square which allows patrons to pay without handing over their card
  • Use prewrapped disposable utensils for carry out
  • Perform a thorough sanitation of an employee’s station and work area, which includes disinfecting all surfaces, before the next employee starts their shift

Promoting Your Business

  • Let customers know you are open for business and what health and safety precautions you are taking as well as informing them if you are offering a special or limited menu. Post this on your website as well as social media, not just once but post often, reminding people when they’re hungry you are there for them
  • Find creative ways to promote sales of gift cards as well as establishment merchandise
  • Offer ‘Dining Bonds’ allowing customers to purchase a bond at value rate and redeem for face value later on. Learn more here >
  • Ask customers to share images and videos of carry out from your establishment on their own social media and tag your pages
  • Join a local or larger Facebook group where those in the industry are sharing advise, support and encouragement
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