When the World Met Sally, the Salad Making Robot

Posted by Melanie Trainor

Want a quick and convenient healthy meal? Sally, the world’s first fresh food robot, can help! A new innovation from Chowbotics, Sally makes salads faster than a human and provides a precise number of calories in the full product.

First imagined and prototyped by founder and president, Deepak Sekar, Rich Page soon jumped on board and is now executive chairman at Chowbotics. Page built some of the first Macs at Apple, so he is no stranger to cutting-edge innovation.

Chowbotics Sally The Salad Robot

How it Works

Sally holds 22 refrigerated canisters for ingredients, which companies can choose to procure on their own or purchase directly from Chowbotics. Individuals will need to prep the food, place items into the canisters and install into the refrigerated compartment for the magic to happen. With the separate compartments, Sally can make more than 1,000 different salads, either custom or signature, and each only takes about one minute. How’s that for both fresh and fast!

Sally possesses an analysis portal that sends alerts to ensure food is always stocked. It can also show purchase trends and analyze ingredient data to help you improve customer experience.

The Benefits

The ‘24/7 fresh food ambassador’ has a small 3 x 3 footprint and is about the size of a college dorm refrigerator. The operation of Sally is more hygienic than having someone make a salad or self-serve salad bars. With a cost of $30,000 and an option for monthly payments, data shows that Sally owners and leasers will only need to sell 7 bowls a day to break even. A Sally in Las Vegas was selling 120 bowls a day on average, in just over a month span. North Oaks Health Care in Louisiana has seen average sales of 65-70 bowls a day, you could say Sally sells!

Where to Meet Sally

As Sally becomes more and more popular, we will see her operating in hotels, convention centers, airports, gyms, college campuses, etc.

What’s Coming Next

This amazing product is already selling cuisines other than salads such as Indian, Mediterranean and Latin food. Expect to see more revolution and advancements to Sally as time progresses. The possibilities may be endless.


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