Is Curbside Pickup Here to Stay?

Posted by Melanie Trainor

Close up of a woman giving money to delivery person

The spread of COVID-19 has impacted everyone across the globe, changing how we live and work. One of the largest industries to experience a major adjustment to their business is foodservice. Because of social distancing requirements, restaurants must transform how they serve customers.

One trend that has spiked across several industry sectors, including foodservice, is curbside pickup. The question is, will it stick around once the virus crisis subsides?

Some restaurants were practicing curbside pickup well before the pandemic, while larger chains and QSR establishments were utilizing ‘mobile order/ordering ahead’ methods. Even with these options, many customers still gravitate towards delivery over pickup.

Curbside has taken off now that some customers are nervous to go inside a restaurant for pickup. Additionally, restaurateurs are obligated to restrict the number of guests inside their space. Since takeout may be the only way for purchases to occur, business owners have to get creative.

A common practice with curbside practice is to ask guests to call when they arrive so their order can be brought outside to them. Some restaurants have employees waiting for the cars to drive up and get the name of the order, while others have the option to put your vehicle description in your online order for easy identification.

Recognizing that curbside pickup wasn’t popular in 2019, the service is now flourishing in 2020. Many operators think it will continue to be a successful part of their business long after the pandemic.

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