Drop-In & Keep Food Hot with Hatco

Posted by Ashley Calderone

Food is prepared, tables are full, and the final step is keeping your buffet line fresh and hot. Hatco has the solution with their Built-In Heated Steam Wells. Featuring an attractive appearance that does not sacrifice daily performance.

Why a Hatco Drop-In System?

Hatco Drop-In Well with food
  • Serves Multiple Types of Foods
  • Easily Switch Out Pans
  • Modular or Individual Wells with Full, 43 and Round Style Configurations
  • Available With or Without Insulation
  • Standard, Low or High Watts
  • Multiple options like Controls, Drain and Auto-Fill

From corn and green beans to chicken breasts and lasagna, the only limit is the menu. Switch it up, change your offerings and never have to worry about food quality or accommodating more dishes. See what one customer says about Hatco Wells.

Need to chill out? Check back soon for our blog on Hatco’s line of Drop-In Cold Wells and Shelves!
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