Hatco Drop-In Cold Wells

Posted by Jamie Bell

A warm salad bar? We’ll pass.

Hatco has all the solutions you need to ensure your chilled foods remain at optimum temperatures throughout serving time, preserving the freshness and taste.

The drop-in refrigerated and ice wells come with or without electrical components and in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit every establishment and installation avenue.

Refrigerated Drop-In Wells

Hatco Refrigerated Remote Drop-In Well
  • Full size well
  • Features auto-defrost which is activated through a programmable advanced electronic controller
  • Environmentally-friendly insulation on sides and bottom
  • Adjustable condensing unit that rotates 90° or 180° for easy venting adjustments & flexibility
  • Also available in slim and/or remote
    • Slim - narrow lengthwise grouping to allow for reachable access
    • Remote - offers design flexibility for fabricators & includes a remote-mounted condensing unit & control panel for installing in more convenient locations

Drop-In Ice Wells

Hatco Refrigerated Drop-In Ice Well
  • Ice-cooled, insulated unit
  • Does not include any refrigeration or electrical components
  • Environmentally-friendly insulation on sides & bottom that provides even chilling
  • Easy to clean with the 1” flat screen brass drain
  • Top bezel design allows cold air to completely blanket the ice that is inside the well
  • Available in slim

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