Benefits of a Commercial Interior Design Team

Posted by Ashley Caldarone & Lori Steen-Edwards Sammy’s Original Sports Bar in Lake Forest, CA

There are many intricate parts to creating an exceptional dining experience. Eliminate going through the process alone by hiring TriMark’s interior design team that will take you from conception to opening day and beyond.

Design Features

  • Light
  • Color
  • Music
  • Ambience
  • Space & Layout
  • Tableware
  • Aesthetics

Work with Us

TriMark designers work to produce high-quality interiors, focused on a client’s inspiring vision. With their years of creative experience and knowledge, the team understands a space should be unique and timeless with striking furnishings constructed to endure for years. With our vast resources, we can offer cost-saving specials for all essential commercial equipment and supplies.

Critical Elements

Functionality and the “flow” are key when designing a hospitality space. These feasibilities impact the area in terms of the service and comfort level of customers.

Adding aspects such as custom mirrors, unique wall treatments and photographic décor makes a location interesting and draws in more patrons.

Lighting is a major part of the dining experience as various illumination levels help create a warm and inviting area.


Avoid trendy or cookie cutter pieces, instead work with “living finishes” that will age gracefully over time in a commercial capacity. Authentic finishes such as warm stained wood that can withstand patina and maintain a visually appealing appearance will prevent rolling renovation.

Scale is another critical component. It’s important to analyze the size of items such as light fixtures, artwork, chairs and tables before laying out a floor plan.

No matter the project size or budget, the goal is to get it right the first time. Working with a trained group of designers will not only make the process easier but also give you peace of mind that the end result will be a success.

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