Hopping Brewery Trends

Posted by Melanie Trainor
Variety of beers lined up under tap

Those who love breweries and the community that surround them are more than just enthusiasts, they are part of something bigger. With blogs, businesses and apps like Untappd revolving around beer, it has proven to be a trend that is growing, advancing and here to stay.

Discover how your establishment can keep up with the rising demands.

Colorful beer taps at brewery

Taprooms & Tasting Events

Open the doors and show guests how you produce your concoctions by hosting educational tastings and taproom visits; your brewpub could be the perfect destination for parties from birthdays to office gatherings.

Food & Drink

Operations are expanding their offerings; serving dishes in unique ways, such as French fries in a fun cup, tacos on a perfect stand, and burgers, sandwiches and wings on wooden platters. While beer is the focus, beverage menu’s are beginning to cater to all cravings by providing select speciality cocktails in stunning Crystalex glassware.


One of the reasons breweries are the place to be is because they’re now delivering exciting experiences. Make your own beers, yard and board games, informative tours and food truck festivals, to name a few.

Beer tap at brewery


Bottles are out, cans are in. Packaging is a large part of consumer purchase decisions and designers are stepping outside of the box with artwork featuring abstract patterns, bright and bold colors, or a minimalist look with negative space for a clean, crisp appeal. However, it doesn’t stop at can labels, businesses are utilizing cool customized glasses and fancy eye-catching flights.


The middleman between production and the customer is being eliminated by selling their own homemade beer at their establishment. In addition to marketing their hopping brews, they’re selling apparel featuring logos and fun phrases as well as embossed glassware specifically branded for the company.

Flavor Cravings

Enthusiasts are expecting more, calling for creative new flavor innovations such as fuller bodied, sweeter IPAs and fruit-infused or dry-hopped sours. They are also capitalizing on barrel-aging to make strong darker stouts.

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