Outdoor Dining Tips

Posted by Jamie Bell Dining tables outside on patio overlooking the ocean at sunset

Summer has officially arrived and reservations for fresh air dining are stacking up. Have a successful season by surfing these quick tips!

Design & Layout

  • For brand recognition, make your outdoor theme a continuation of the interior environment
  • An optimal spot for dinner guests is one with the most direct western sun exposure
  • Bright colors attract bugs – opt for dark and neutral colors
  • Spice it up with trees and plants. Foliage absorbs heat to create a cooling effect
  • Consider providing a variety of seating options. Use tables at different heights or introduce a lounge area with couches
  • By spacing out furniture, guests can relax without feeling cramped

Tabletop & Furnishings


  • Brighten up the night with string lights or patio candles
  • A portable fire pit with seating will bring a cozy atmosphere to the patio and increase profits; they are eye catching and can be used year-round
  • Protect your visitors from the sun with the option of an umbrella
  • On cool nights, keep heaters close by for warmth
  • Keep mosquitos at bay and add to your ambience with citronella candles or torches
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