2018 Menu Items Worth Trying

Posted by Jamie Bell 2018 Menu Items Worth Trying

January brings new opportunities to create long lasting impressions for your guests. Consider these trends to introduce an innovative dining experience with foods that complement your menu and help inspire the creation of remarkable dishes.

International Inspired Breakfast

International Inspired Breakfast

Brunch seems to be the only meal that Millennials have on their minds once the weekend arrives. Shake up the morning routine and bring your menu to new heights by incorporating global flavors into classics such as pancakes, waffles and eggs.

Start by experimenting with something as easy as a Polish breakfast staple - cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream and dill which is a lighter, fluffier and cheesier variation of the traditional pancake.

Also try Persian KuKu Sabzi, an herb-loaded egg option with the fragrant lift of rose petals. Quite an interesting twist!

Farm-to-Your Restaurant

The 2017 farm-to-table movement is expected to remain strong this year. Locally produced foods have become vastly more popular for their fresh and diverse characteristics.

According to the National Restaurant Association, new meat variations gaining attention include heritage-breed, shoulder tender, oyster steak and merlot cut. Why? Because these livestock are raised carefully in small quantities for their unique carnivorous qualities, which provide a premium product for those who are “in the know”.

Homemade Condiments

Homemade Condiments

Make everything, from Soup to Nuts! A terrific way to set your establishment apart from the rest is creating components that are solely yours. Preparing fresh dishes goes beyond the main ingredients. Sauces and condiments are the perfect way to turn a plate of tasty food into a mouth-watering experience to be craved time and time again.

Developing distinctive versions of relish, salsa, ketchup, aioli, dressing, barbeque and pepper sauce will enhance your menu and separate you from your competition.

Veggie Centric

As we continue to combat food waste worldwide, restaurants are inspired to find ways to reduce the amount of discarded produce. Chefs are increasingly mindful of unused food and expressing their creativity by incorporating all parts of vegetables such as stems, leaves and rind.

Homemade vegetable-based soups and stocks are a simple way to use the extra pieces of carrot tops and the green parts of leeks and scallions. Take it a step further to create sensational salads, savory sides, and meatless dishes with eye-catching cuts to capture attention and make the most of every harvest.

Rolled Thai Treats

Also known as stir-fried ice cream, this dessert has people talking. A milk product of choice is poured onto a steel plate chilled to below freezing. The creamy treat is mixed with a variety of tasty additions like exotic fruit, chocolate, coffee or green tea. Roll it up and add to your dessert menu!

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