Good Samaritans

Posted by Melanie Trainor

In May 2017, TriMark Foodcraft received a call from Brian Pitts at Zaxby’s Franchising. He had seen something rather remarkable that he needed to report back to TriMark.

Pitts, while stuck in a traffic jam on the highway outside of a job location, saw an elderly person in a smashed car on the other side of the interstate. People were trying to get the occupant out of the severely damaged car to no avail. That’s when Pitts saw the TriMark Foodcraft installation van arrive with two installers who grabbed their tools and rushed to assist. They managed to remove the windshield of the damaged car and pull the occupant out to safety.

TriMark’s own Andrew Danley and Ira Hayes had no idea that a customer was watching the scene. Pitts was pleased to let TriMark know he was glad to be a business partner and very impressed with the actions and integrity shown by our employees.

Congratulations to our very own heroes Andrew and Ira, who displayed both courage and character. We are happy to know you are on our team.

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