Intriguing Ethnic Dining Experiences on the Rise

Posted by Melanie Trainor Ethnic rice bowls with toppings and chopsticks

As dining out heightens in popularity so does the search for unique ethnic offerings and experiences. Consumers are beginning to steer away from common Chinese, Thai and Mexican dishes and are on the hunt for the next great cultural cuisine.

Stand out from the competition by expanding options and bringing excitement and curiosity to your menu. Incorporate these international foods and be the place that enthusiasts are raving about.

Ethiopian Spice

This country’s food has made an impression with it’s incredibly spicy nature and rare flavors that awaken our rather plain palates. With this culture comes an indigenous experience, as it is uncommon to eat with utensils, and alternatively use a spongy flatbread called injera exclusively with the right hand to feed oneself.

Filipino Flavor Combinations

With the help of adventurous chefs, this style of cooking has evolved and is becoming more widely renowned and fascinating. Philippine cuisine tends to rely on strong citrus, vinegars and fish sauces to accentuate the flavors in the main dish. Additionally, their meals have minimal dietary restrictions and can cater to most diners.

Indian Flare

As the American palate grows bolder, this cuisine grows in popularity. Many individuals are attracted to the variety of flavors Indian food has to offer, however the fact that many of the meals are vegetarian is the driving factor influencing the adoption of this regions unique food.

Now is the perfect opportunity for chefs to diversify their menu and experiment with global food traditions. Expect more restaurants to begin serving the intensely seasoned dishes that these cultures offer.

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