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Certain foods in our cultural norm have managed to promote themselves from peasant to pricey. Lobster, caviar, and polenta were all once considered low grade options - now prized and sought-after ingredients.

A similar transition is happening in the street food arena. Travel-friendly handheld meals like tacos, burritos, gyros, and the all American favorite hot dogs are elevated to a staple for indoor diners.

Trends Soaring from Street to Table

Regional Mexican Cuisine
Diners have become increasingly curious and eager to experience more authentic Mexican flavors. South of the Border staples like tacos, tamales, and quesadillas are being infused with premium ingredients, indigenous spices, and unconventional cuts of meat, then presented with flare to impress restaurant goers across the country.

Japanese Bar Specialties
We associate Japanese fare with small, meticulously crafted bites; but that’s only part of the story. Izakaya - the equivalent of a gastropub - has long been the center of informal Japanese cuisine.

Features like counter seating, which allows patrons to enjoy a view of culinary masters at work, in addition to exotic offerings, and DIY preparation are all being successfully merged into the dining room with options like sushi, shabu-shabu, yakitori and yakisoba.

East Indian Entrées
The intense flavors of India are inspiring chefs to adopt the cultural cooking methods of this region. Whether spicy or mildly sweet, many of these traditional meals contain a variety of vegetables and spices to liven taste buds and allow guests to savor a bit of South Asia right in their backyard.

Every country has a culinary story to share with the world. Expect more international offerings to make their way onto a restaurant menu near you.

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