Top Tips for Attracting Young Consumers

Posted by Melanie Trainor Restaurants marketing to Millennials

Millennials are dining frequently and enjoying every moment! Industry insiders say that 53% of this age group is going out to eat at least once a week. As the largest U.S. demographic, the most essential thing to know is that they are brand loyal. To engage these potential long-term customers, you should know exactly what they’re looking for.

  • Convenience is key, which could mean the option of online reservations or ordering
  • As a health-conscious generation it’s important to provide fresh and natural ingredients
  • Giving back by consuming local produce and using sustainable products
  • One size does not fit all. Choice and customization take precedence
  • This young market gains most of their insight from internet sources. Utilize digital channels to increase awareness about your establishment
  • Posting mouthwatering pictures to share with their followers is common. Put your social media handles on display, along with any hashtags you would like to inspire them to use
  • To gain immediate attention, consider offering discounts and special offers because a major attraction is a low price

Attracting Millennials can be tricky, but once hooked, they are ready to be reeled in.

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