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While food quality is one of the main aspects of a successful restaurant, impeccable customer service is equally crucial. These qualities are the difference between repeat business and lost loyalty.

There are several key ways to ensure that your staff offers top-of-the-line service.

Hire the Right People

Define your hiring requirements and the value of experience, while keeping in mind that personality traits are a key factor in customer-facing roles. When interviewing candidates for front-of-house positions, consider the type of employee you feel will best represent your operation.

Invest in Training

When new team members are trained by veteran workers or by a manager, it is important to cover all elements of great service. Set clear expectations and discuss common problems along with the most efficient resolutions. Superior service starts with well-orchestrated training, during which the employees can ask questions and learn important fundamentals of attending to patrons.

Treat Employees Well

Protect your employees work-life balance by devising a reasonable schedule and listening to conflicts and concerns. Encourage your staff to advance within their role and create opportunities for bonuses and other incentives. By fostering a sense of family, pride and mutual respect among workers, they are likely to convey that to patrons and express a positive attitude.

Don’t Exceed Capabilities

Consider your establishment’s character and environment to ensure your kitchen staff capabilities match customer expectations. Pay attention to seating times and alter standard processes when short staffed. Establish effective means of communication during service slowdowns or complications. Keeping guests and staff ‘in the know’ will show that you care and are actively resolving issues.

Gather and Act on Feedback

Surveys and general comments from guests will help you strengthen customer service and allow you to make improvements.

Putting in the time and effort to hire proficient people and perform proper training will motivate employees to create memorable experiences for guests.

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