Useful Tips to an Ice Machine Upgrade

Restauranteurs depend on ice in a variety of ways. From keeping drinks cold to preserving food on display, ice is the underestimated proponent to keeping an operation cool.

Purchasing a commercial ice machine that best fulfills your restaurant’s needs can be daunting. To ease the process, consider these questions:

  • What kind of ice do you need?

Cubed, crushed, flaked or nuggets – choose an ice shape based on anticipated use.

  • What volume of ice will you need to produce?

Calculate by the number customers served per day, how many beverages are ordered on average, and other ways your staff utilizes ice.

  • What are your kitchen conditions?

For well-ventilated areas, opt for an inexpensive air-cooled model. For damp, hot environments, go with a water-cooled system for higher performance.

  • How important is ease of maintenance?

Maintaining a clean system ensures quality of ice, optimal performance, and prevention of bacteria. Look for a model that has a maintenance schedule aligned with your operational demands.

  • Is energy efficiency a priority?

More efficient systems may be a higher initial investment, but these machines will reduce long-term costs.


Contact your TriMark Representative to learn more about our selection of commercial ice machines.

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