Refrigerated Chef Bases Can Handle the Heat in Any Commercial Kitchen


Speed and efficiency – two productivity cornerstones chefs and restaurant owners try to improve upon. When it comes to proficiency and convenience, refrigerated chef bases are becoming the standout stars in commercial kitchens.

Why Refrigerated Chef Bases?

  • Dynamic pieces expand work and prep areas
  • Durable tops built to withstand hot equipment
  • Easy food storage in chilled or frozen drawers underneath the worktop
  • Optimize use of space by replacing work stands or tables

Chef bases can benefit or hinder a restaurant operation, which is why it is important to choose the right one.

  • How many/what kind of drawers do you need?

        Two, four or six drawers provide refrigeration, freezing or a combination of both.

  • What are your space requirements?

        Refrigerated chef bases are as small as 36 inches and as large as 120 inches (note: a spill edge will slightly reduce the amount of usable top space).

  • What will you put on top of the chef base?

        Check specs to be sure the unit can support equipment weight.

  • Do you have adequate ventilation and airflow?

        Refrigerated chef bases emit heat - airflow handlers should be utilized to manage both the heat from the cooking equipment on top of the refrigerated chef base and the base itself.

  • How cold can the chef base keep food?

        The drawers will be opening and closing constantly. Look for a model that can sustain safe temperatures during high levels of activity.

Refrigerated chef bases can help keep your kitchen flowing efficiently, while also reducing food waste and enhancing safety. Check out our selection of refrigerated chef bases or contact your TriMark Sales Representative to pick a model that best meets your needs.


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