Be Unique. Be Different. Stand Out

Posted by Tara Stanton

Branding Your Restaurant
Due to the saturation of messaging and offers bombarding us today, creating a restaurant brand that stands out from the crowd can be a tricky proposition.

In an environment of dining satiety, an eatery must differentiate its name and reputation in order to grow sales.

Three Tips to Getting Noticed

  1. Avoid the temptation to follow current trends
  2. Establish a unique and appealing concept
  3. Reinforce your brand through clear, unified messaging

Human nature dictates that consumers want to think of your brand in relation to one key feature, argues Adam Kleinberg in Entrepreneur. For example:

  • Jimmy John’s “freaky fast” delivery
  • Buffalo Wild Wings’ success based on one delicious food
  • Rainforest Cafe’s now-famous experiential dining

“Ask yourself what you want that feeling to be,” advises Michael Luscher in a similar Entrepreneur article. “Once everyone agrees with it, paint this on the walls of your office. Tattoo it on your wrists. Let it be the guiding light of the business.”

Forming a Brand Strategy

  • Be “unique, significant and transformative enough to build a business around,” Luscher advises
  • Choose a concept that’s rational but has an emotional element
  • Pick a concept that’s achievable
  • Consider an appropriate tone for your branding. Fun or serious. Quirky or conservative. High-end or highly affordable.
  • Determine symbols that might be incorporated to set the stage for your brand
  • Be Original. Be the first one to market with a distinctive idea
  • Make sure your employees understand the primary message of your brand, and their role in living up to its premise
  • Once your brand is launched, gather data to learn how it’s being perceived by customers

“In the long run, you sacrifice the impression your brand makes on the collective consciousness of your potential customer base,” Kleinberg says. “Positioning is the art of sacrifice — of sacrificing the things you could be, to uncover the one thing you should be.”

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