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Posted by Melanie Trainor Up your Digital Marketing Game

Have you ever tried to look online for a specific place to eat and been so frustrated that you choose to go somewhere else? Advanced online marketing strategies help to ensure your business is not overlooked by those who base their dining choices on Internet reviews.

Many consumers use their smartphones to look up locations and directions to establishments. Business Insider says that mobile use is on the rise. Due to the increase in savvy ways to discover restaurants, operators who make their eatery easy to find are bound to come out ahead of those who don’t.

“Food Near Me”

Often, when people are looking for a bite to eat they type in something along the lines of “food near me”.
The businesses that come up on the screen have strategically placed themselves to be one of the top results. You can do this by investing in paid, geographically-targeted ads on social platforms like Google+ and Facebook. It is best practice to keep your Google maps and Yelp listings up-to-date with accurate data and ensure your website is mobile friendly. Incorporate keywords, title tags and anchor texts into content to help search engines crawl and locate key information on your site.

Partner Up

Airbnb launched a feature allowing hosts to recommend local dining options and attractions to guests. Joining forces with local boutiques, hotels and service providers can increase the awareness of your brand. Consider combining digital marketing efforts like email campaigns and social media with wedding planners, lodging, party suppliers, gift shops, and florists. These valuable partnerships go a long way in keeping your kitchen busy.

Email Campaigns

With an assortment of tools that can effectively segment audiences and manage campaigns, email marketing can be an excellent (and cost-efficient) way to influence new and repeat diners. Recent studies indicate that 91% of U.S. adults welcome offers in their inbox from places they frequent. You can use newsletters to promote new menu items, profile staff, share recipes, host events, and more.

The best way to grow your following within your local community and beyond is to be sure your restaurant has an engaging and accurate online presence.

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