Insights on the Newest Dining Technologies

Posted by Melanie Trainor

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As the world continues to advance operations through technology to optimize the customer experience, foodservice establishments are following suit.

An American Express survey last year found that 64% of restaurants would invest in such innovations, particularly to improve day-to-day operations, such as mobile transactions, internet reservations, on-demand food delivery and digital menus.

Tips on Keeping Up with New Foodservice Gadgets

Tabletop Ordering and Payment Systems

Used directly by restauranteurs, these devices are intended to speed up the service and bill paying process. Chili’s Grill & Bar installed tablets at locations nationwide. This implementation influenced 75% of Chili’s patrons to pay their bill using the units. During the checkout process the tablet prompts consumers to take a quick survey, demonstrating a 25% completion statistic, according to Forbes.

Online and Mobile Placements

This methodology is geared towards providing meals faster and with fewer errors in communication. In-house or take-out diners can request their food ahead of time for a shorter wait, while those who prefer delivery have an alternative to a phone call.

Cashless Transactions

Eateries are increasingly allowing compensation through functions and systems accessible by computer to cater to societies need for quick and convenient service. For example, an app proprietary to Microsoft’s food service department has increased cafeteria traffic 24% since its founding three years ago, with check averages up 14% to 18% over that time.

Delivery Service via App

Technical equipment that can reduce the friction of requesting delivery service are finding success in several markets. For instance, a nationwide platform called slice, takes pizza orders via computer or cellphone, then faxes or emails them to nonchain pizza restaurants, many of which operate without computers. In addition, it allows you to view past food selections for simple reorder.

We will never remove the human element from dining interactions, considering that personal service matters most to guests.

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